How to Optimize Blog Posts For SEO

By | March 28, 2020

There are some steps you have to follow for while content writing, if you don’t your bolg never go up in the search engines.

Focus on 1–2 long-tail keywords

internet site visitors looking long-tail keywords are more likely to read the complete publish after searching for greater facts from you.

Optimize Blog Posts For SEO 2

Optimize Blog Posts For SEO 2

Include your 1–2 keywords

there are 4 important places in which you must attempt to include your keywords: identify tag, headers & body, URL, and meta description.

Mobile-friendly and responsive.

and for all those valuable search queries being carried out on mobile, google shows the cell-pleasant outcomes first. this is but every other instance of Google heavily favoring mobile-friendly websites, also just like us Online Digital Marketing.

Optimize Blog Posts For SEO 1

Optimize Blog Posts For SEO 1


Optimize your meta description,  images

these days, it is not assured that your meta description is always pulled into search engines as it once becomes.
SERPs search for photographs with photo alt text. meaning, to make sure your pics advantage your weblog’s SEO, you may need to make sure you include image alt textual content.

Optimize Blog Posts For SEO

Optimize Blog Posts For SEO

Use URL structures

the URL structure of your web pages needs to make it easy for your visitors to apprehend the structure of your website and the content material they’re about to see.

Evergreen content

when making plans and writing your blog articles, ensure it’s evergreen content. which means, the content material is about topics which might be sure to remain relevant and treasured over a protracted-time period.


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